22 Jul

Two More Games In Triaxe’s Kitty

Tri Axe is so happy and proud to announce that few more games are going to be added to our kitty next month. We are in advanced talks with the developers of two very fun and interesting games in the last few days and the talks have been very fruitful. We are trying to make sure that our network players have a seamless run playing these games and there are no troubles in the integration. The biggest challenge of introducing games to our network is the integration of the game into the network that keeps the game running smooth for our players. If the games don’t run smooth, our players become unhappy and stop playing the game. There should not be any lag as well.

Hungry Shark is a fun and an interesting game where you play the character of a shark which is really hungry. Being hungry a shark knows only one thing to do, eat up anything and everything that comes in the way. Yes that is what you must do with your shark. Try to eat up everything except poison that comes in your way. There are also some hard metals or other related stuff coming your way, please don’t eat them as they are not eatable stuff and will most likely deteriorate the health of your shark. You can only play till the shark lives and then your points will be calculated. As you collect lots of coins, you will be able to advance further in the game. There are various options with you that can help you speed up the game for your account. Check out http://hungrysharkevolutionhack.website if you want to get your hands on unlimited coins and gems.

Shadow Fight 2 is yet another game that is really famous these days. Shadow Fight was the first game in this series of games and that was a fun game but it was not so popular as it had a lot of problems. Since the concept of the game was so good that they improved everything and developed a Shadow Fight 2 game. Shadow Fight 2 is all about fighting, you will be fighting multiplayer mode with players from across the world and that is how you get to enter battles. Your task it to defeat your enemies at every level and then only you can score ahead in the game. To defeat enemies, you will have to play various fights, win and get lots of coins or gold. With these in game currency you can purchase various upgrades and improvements for your character. Without these improvements you may not win all the fights. In fact the game automatically tells you when it becomes impossible for you to win and that will be the time to grab upgrades or improve your weapons or armor etc. I suggest you to take a look at this website: http://shadowfight2hack.website and get your hands on various gems and coins and only then you can instantly get ahead in the game.

20 Jul

New Games For Triaxe

Hi Triaxe Members, today we are happy to announce that few new games are being added to our already list of big games. The new games that are being added to our network is Dragon City and Monster Legends. These two fantastic games are developed by the same company called Social Point. It is a company originally from Spain but now has an office even in the USA. Both are amazing strategy games that have been developed solely for mobile phone players and that is why you cannot play it in your desktop. If you want to play this game, you will need a smart phone with android operating system or even iOS operating system.

Dragon City is a fantastic strategy game that is built for players who love dragons. Dragons are an integral part of this game. You start the game on a Dragon Island where you have to build dragon habitats and add basic dragons to your island. From there the game starts and you have to build from there. You are supposed to grow your account by getting more dragons, the stronger ones through breeding. Dragon City’s most important concept is breeding which helps fetches you strong dragons in this game. Most top players today have lots of Legendary Dragons but then they have extensively used tools like these: http://dragoncityhack.website but nevertheless all honest players are also quite ahead in the game so no issues at all. If you also want free gems then check out that website.

Monster Legends is another game that needs to be discussed. It is a fantastic game similar to the game Dragon City. In that game you had dragons and in this game you have monsters. Monsters are going to act similar in the game, same skills and same type of powers. Monsters are creatures that start with basic single elements and can be bought for nearly free of cost. From there you have to grow your account through breeding. Breeding is an important part of this game as well. After Breeding only you can achieve Legendary and rare monsters that will help you achieve the strength in the game. Whenever you go for PVP Battles, all that matters is strong monsters and without them it is very hard to win. Many players of this game are also making use of http://monsterlegendshack.website tool to obtain lots of free gems and gold for their account. With the help of these gold and gems they are skyrocketing their account and getting hold of tons of strong monsters and defeating kids.

18 Jul

A Tale of Dragons

Dragons are interesting aren’t they? Today I am going to speak exclusively on a game that is built for and about Dragons. If you love dragons and their tales, then you will really enjoy this game. There are various types of Dragons in this game and it is your job to make them get born on this island. Yes, there is a dragon island in this game and you have various elements of dragons in this game. Each dragon element will have it’s own unique abilities and power that you can harness when the time is right. Now an interesting part of this game is hybrid dragons. What happens when two dragons of different elements meet and breed together?

Dragons are powerful creatures already and if you combine two different powers into one, imagine the power. Hybrid dragons are more powerful than single element dragons as a hybrid can possess abilities of two elements. Now what happens when two different types of hybrid are merged? You may actually get a Legendary Dragon which has powers of multiple elements.

Two elements combine to form a hybrid, lets assume element 1 and element 2. Now Element 3 and Element 4 form another hybrid. We go and try to merge Both hybrids and hope we get a three elemental rare dragon. It may not happen always but it may happen once and that once will fetch you a great dragon with great fighting abilities. After playing for years I can say this much that breeding dragons take time but they are totally worth it. When you go and fight war in player vs player battle, you will crave for a legendary dragon because you will feel bad when your enemy comes with a legendary and destroys you off in a minute.

Take a look at this website http://dragoncitybreedingguide.website to learn more about breeding in dragon city. Breeding is literally the most interesting concept in this game and if you want to do any good in this game, you must master the art of breeding. Your end goal is to get as many special dragons with special abilities as possible or you stand no chance in any tournament or pvp battles. There are lots of dragons in this game but few are the ones that are really needed in order to be good in this game. What you really want are strong hybrids like Rare Elemental dragons or Legendary Dragons.

Dragon City is a wonderful game to play, it is an old game but still proudly represents millions of players world wide. Slowly and steadily people are moving out but that is far less than what is required to totally kill a game. With ample popularity, it still makes a great choice to fresh start in a game like Dragon City. Go start playing today!

27 Mar

New Games In Our Network

Hi friends, today we are proud to announce a great tie up with this great companies. Tri Axe Network is happy that today we have managed to get these games into our network. The first game that is now getting added into our network is Hill Climb Racing and the other game is Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is a top most played android game of 2015 and that is the prime reason why we are so happy to include this game into the network. We are extremely excited that you guys can now compete directly with other players of the network in a game like Subway Surfers. If you don’t know, subway surfers is a game where you collect coins as you run down the railway tracks and also on and below trains. But note that there is a Police Man who is following you with his dog as you are breaking the rules by running on the railway tracks. Your task is to collect as many coins before getting caught. These coins that you collect are of utmost importance and so you must collect them as much as you can. If you want to take a short cut, then try http://subwaysurfershack.website . This website boasts of having a software that can solve all your coin problems. In fact they also promise to give you unlimited keys along with unlimited coins.

Hill Climb Racing is another popular game where you have to drive a car around different terrains. As you drive and cross certain distances, you get coins. These coins can be utilized to buy vehicle upgrades and unlock other vehicles and maps. Think about these coins as your lifeline. The more the coins that you manage to collect the better your vehicle will run and the more the vehicles you can buy. These coins also help you unlock new maps and they will again help you earn more coins. This is the basic purpose of the game. Drive your vehicle in tough and challenging environments and collect coins and unlock further challenges. This is a really fun game where you have to plan your game play as per Physics and Gravity because this is what forms the basis of the game. If you are worried about coins, then kindly take a look at http://hillclimbracinghack.website .

We are already talking with other companies for their games in our network, so stay tuned guys, soon we are going to become the largest network online.

20 Mar

Brand New Games For Triaxe Network

Hello network boys, we have some good news for you folks. We have managed to convince the new game owners to join us in our adventure to add two new games to the triaxe network. Did you think that we don’t care for you guys? We are always speaking with people around to convince them to join our network so you guys can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Two games that we are going to add to our network today is 8 ball pool and Pixel gun 3D. You may have heard about these games or the concept these games work on. One of the game is about shooting and the other is also about shooting but in one you shoot down enemies and in the other you get to shoot down the balls towards the hole. Pool is one of the most played games in real life and this online game is similar to the game that is played in real life. But in this online version you don’t pay any real money, but you pay online game cash to challenge other people or even playing tournaments. We suggest you to take a look at some of the interesting ways to raise the in game currency or coins for that matter. Try looking at http://8ballpoolhack.website which promises to deliver coins to your doorsteps within seconds. Yes that is right, within a few minutes you can get your hands on unlimited coins and stuff and then you can challenge anyone or anybody or even play the biggest tournaments that are costly to enter and play.

Pixel Gun 3D hack is a shooting game where in you have to shoot down enemy pixels and win the game somehow. One of the best ways of doing is to buy guns and other weapons as in a game like this your best friend is your weapon and without them you are nothing. Buy as many guns and ammo as possible as you are going to need it. Now buying guns is not easy as it costs you in game currency. If you really are serious about winning a game like Pixel Gun 3D, you must have your hands on unlimited in game currency. The possible ways of doing this is by using some sort of software that generates this cash for you. Try http://pixelgun3dhack.website software and see how it goes.


25 Jan

2016 New Games Added To Triaxe Network

Today we are proud to announce the fact that we are adding new games into our network as a 2016 holiday special. As 2016 begins, we also begin fresh by adding new games to our gaming network. We are currently at about 100,000 gamers in our database and thus we are happy and excited to provide them with new opportunities to play. All new games that we add into our network is free to play unlimited hours to all our network subscribers. The only reason we add new games is to keep our subscribers happy and engaged with lots of fun.

Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is the latest game to hit our networks this month. We are happy and very much excited to see this game in our network. We recently met the management and streamlined the integration process into the network. Now every game account in our network has automatically passed the registration process and our players can begin playing. Every player will start this game fresh and for that they will get special number of resources to kick start as they will start far behind other players. Our network will hold special tournaments from time to time, so stay tuned. Our game network also offers special things like coc gems which can be availed for absolutely free. Visit this website http://cocfreegems.website and learn how to get free gems in clash of clans and also read the game guide to understand how to play the game.

Pou: Pou is one of the most famous games of 2015 and thus we were keen on adding this game to our database. We are happy to include this game. Basically if you have not heard about this game, then its about an alien pet. An alien pet has landed at your backyard and now it is your duty to provide the pet with care. The basic idea of the game is that you take care of your pet like it is your baby. You have to grow the pet, feed the pet, take it to bath and also to playground to play. You have to do everything with your pet that you would normally do with pets. For each activity, they grant you coins that you can use to purchase items for your pet. It is a fun game over all and it had to be included in our database. But that is not it. We are more interested in sharing special means to hack pou game. As most players are already on advance stage, we would like our game network players to hack and gain ranks fast in the game only to compete. Learn about Pou Hack at this website http://pouhack.website. This website will also teach you about the game with a detailed guide. Please go through as you are going to be registered into the game by end of this week.

09 Jan

TriAxe Game Network

Tri Axe team has recently come up with a unique and interesting game network. We recently hired a research team to do a quick research on which are the top games of this season. Our company wanted to build a gaming network hub that accommodates players from across the globe. The basic idea of this network is to bring together millions of players from across the globe together in a single platform and make them have fun competing with each other in various forms of games.

Every game has their own network and servers where they connect and play. These games are then connected to Xbox or PlayStation so that the players who own these consoles can freely play their game. This way these console buyers will be buying and upgrading their consoles, buy online game accounts like Free Gold Codes Xbox Live to connect to the live version of the games as well as these game CDs. It is a win win for everyone, the console company and the game developer.

Game Network

Tri Axe wants to develop a game network that is a single stop for all gamers. Every gamer has to just join our network and then we will provide seamless integration to all these game networks. We are only working on games that can be played online multiplayer and not single player. When a user plays a game live, the entire game content can be fetched online from the game server. We will connect the players to the original game server of a particular game they are trying to play. For this, we need to subscribe to the game developers servers for integration.

Our Games Will Be Cheap

The Game Network will only employ games that can be easily bought at a low price. We really don’t like those massive expensive games that loot people. Our Game network is focusing on students to play and have a blast and we understand that students cannot really afford expensive games. We have tied up with Cheap Games Canada company to offer you guys cheap games at a discount and we expect you to buy from our official tied up store to make use of steep discounts. We are offering upto 50% off in several games and you may not find such offers any where. They will also be giving you a live game network codes of 12 months totally free.

FIFA Integration

The first game that we are planning to integrate into our network is EA Games FIFA franchise’s latest game FIFA 16. FIFA 16 is one of the most famous games for the month of October 2015. The latest flick has added massive enhancements into the game with women teams, new tournaments, better game play and more realistic approach. Not to mention, now the game is enjoyable in full HD TV Screen too. We are integrating the tournament section of the game. This game can be played if you have got some FIFA 16 coins.

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12 Nov

Love At TriAxe Network

Hi friends,

Have you ever been in love before? Love is a great feeling and why not? Two people looking at each other, holding hands, caring for each other and keeping each other happy and smiling is an amazing feeling isn’t it? Today on the Festival of Diwali, we are going to talk about love because love is definitely in the air this season. Take a look at our office for example. Two of our employees have fallen madly in love with each other. Want to know how? Read below to find out:

How did love happen between our two employees?

Both the employees joined us a few months ago as trainees and we put them both under training together along with many other employees of course. At that time both of them did not know each other. Both completed their week long training and due to similarities in their work and interests, we put them both to work on one of the game information portals. Working on the same project, both had to meet and spend time day till night and thus even breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner if work goes on till late were done together. With just two people in a project they had to spend so much time together. Two single people spending 6 days a week morning to night, well its hard not to fall in love right?

Who Was First In Love?

The guy was the one who fell in love with the girl. The girl is really nice and sweet and is really pretty. The guy is not too bad looking as well, and thus the girl reciprocated to his feelings. They fell in love in just a month of working together. They are celebrating the girl’s birthday this evening and we all have been invited to witness them cut the cake together. This guy is a very interesting person. He has written some of the best love quotes for her for this special evening.

Events Planned For This Evening

Some of the office staff has helped the guy in planning the birthday party. We are going to a 7 star hotel to celebrate her birthday and there after the party is over, the guy is planning to propose to the girl as well. They are both around 27-28 years old actually and the guy is seriously planning to do it this time. The guy does not believe in wasting the time running around. He believes in just doing what the heart says and it says, time is right to propose and whether the girl accept or not, is up to her.

We are excited to see how it all pans out. Wish them love luck : )

02 Nov

Free To Play Games Integration With TriAxe Network

Today Triaxe network is proud to announce integration of some of the most interesting free to play smart phone games in it’s network. There are a lot of famous games that are doing the rounds on Facebook and Android Phones, we would like to take note of that and integrate them as soon as possible and begin revenue generation for out networks. The games that we are targeting to include in our network is those games that have over a million player base and is active to date. We have identified a few games so far:

Monster Legends: This game is similar to the familiar game you may have heard called Dragon City. Dragon City was one of the top games of 2013-2014. No doubt it is still widely played and still supported by the developers but lately Monster Legends has been gaining ground. As in the old game, you used to nurture and grow your dragons, breed dragons, in this game, you are going to do the same with Monsters. We have wide variety of monsters in this game and all of them can be bred. In fact it is the concept of breeding which makes money for the developers and also keeps the spark and interest going well. You must check out best monster legends breeding guide to learn in details on how exactly to breed these legendary monsters.

Clash Of Clans: Now who has not heard about this game? Clash of Clans was one of a kind game developed by Super Cell and also the most popular smart phone game that is played till date. The company Super Cell made tons of money and sold off the company also, but people’s interest in game refuse to falter. The concept of gems is widely popular in this game and we have also unearthed a strategy of getting clash of clans free gems which can help you steer ahead of the opponents that you will compete against. Read More

25 Sep

Different Platforms

Have you given a thought that how times have changed since your childhood days? Back in those days, we used to play games in real world with our friends face to face. Everyday in the evening, we will go out to play some sport game. Nowadays playing a game is no longer that much effort. We used to play different types of games everyday, and that required real effort. Now we just buy off a game or download and app and bam, playing. Let’s look at different platforms we play games these days:

Computer: One of the most widely used platform for gaming is Home PC. The reason it is most widely used because almost everyone has a home PC and so all we have to do is to install the game and start playing. If the game is free to play, we may even just download the game and start playing as soon as possible. PC gaming has really changed the way we play games.

Console Gaming: 2 decades back we got our first gaming console and today this industry has grown so much. Consoles are widely preferred as a gaming platform these days. Platforms like PlayStation and Xbox are the most famous ones and Nintendo Wii is not too far behind. These consoles also offer things like PSN Codes | FREE to purchase your favourite games at very reasonable costs.

Smart Phone: The biggest revolution in the gaming industry has been the smartphones. Nobody saw that smartphones will come and take away the world in a hurry. The entire world is now using a smartphone and 75% of the people who has a smartphone plays some game on it. Afterall, how difficult is to take out your phone and start playing a game? The most important part of smart phone gaming is you can play anywhere anytime. The games are of few MBs and it can easily be downloaded and played. Even at the remotest of locations if you get a signal, you can connect to the internet and play. We believe smartphone is the best invention ever and they also support hd wallpapers best ones that you can download and install on your phone. We are currently using Best Background Wallpaper App on our android phone.

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25 Sep

A Car Service By Triaxe Network

Triaxe Network is proud to present you it’s new car for hire service. Triaxe Network has predominantly been in the services business and just yesterday we invested about a hundred thousand dollars to begin a small car for hire service here in New York. The rational behind beginning a car rental service here in New York is that, there is too much traffic and vehicles plying in this city. The amount of vehicles has sky rocketed in the last decade and now the problems is such that half the place we cannot find any parking area. Without proper parking areas, it becomes extremely difficult to drive your car around the city. That is why recently car rentals are on the rise. People are finding it very easy to hire a cab or hire a car with a driver and move around the city. That way they don’t have to take all the tension about looking for parking area, lining up behind multiple cars at the gas station. We keep tanks full when we visit a customer and give customers a relax free environment.

Our Limousine rental service has tied up with Limo NJ company and we are going to announce our partnership tomorrow. A limousine hiring service is definitely on the rise we feel. The benefits of calling a limo service is just too many for a city like New York. Whether you want to go to Airport, or you want to commute daily to your office or a Prom Night or a party or even to a friends house, just give us your address and destination and we will send you a limo. Whether you are 4, 6, 8 or 12 people, we have all types of cars for you. All you have to do is to just give us a call and we will be there waiting for you at your doorstep in no time. We have about 100 cars running around New York today and we intend to up the fleet to about 200 soon.

Limo NJ and Triaxe Network together have a motto – You sit and relax at the back seat, enjoy the cool AC air, may even sleep while we drive you around the city. We offer daily/weekly/monthly packages if you wish to use our service on a regular basis. In short, we have everything you need, all you have to do is to pledge to not take out your car any more. Just call us and we will take you anywhere you want.