Games To Play On Social Network

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Today we are going to discuss four games that you can play on a social networking website called Facebook. Facebook is the leading social network website in the world and has a lot of games to offer to us players. Facebook did an interesting thing by opening up the platform for developers to develop and share their programs/apps/games. What it did was bring a flurry of developers to try and sell their games on Facebook. Now we have a lot of games fighting it out with each other.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian Poker game you can play on Facebook. Basically, think about the game as it is Poker but a cut short version of Poker. Here you play with three cards and each player can keep betting till one of them matches the other and says Show. The game has the potential to make one very rich because when two people have really good cards both wants to bet more and more before they call show. The feeling of missing out makes them avoid calling show and as you know only one can win. This is a much faster game than poker which is a 7 card game. There are a few really good Facebook apps based on Teen Patti, you should really try it out and see. It is super fun to play.

Monster Legends

Monster Legends was one such game which I started playing last year and I still continue to play it. I am as interested in this game today as I was last year. This game has several things which have ticked with people and thus we have more than a million players fighting it out to the top. Feel free to check out this amazing monster legends guide to know more about the game. You start the game with a few monsters of your choice, and you start on an adventure map where you have to fight and win levels. Starting levels are really easy and it get’s tougher as you go higher. Every 5 level you have to fight a boss also. Bosses are tougher creatures to beat and as you know already, you cannot proceed in any game without beating a boss. You grow monsters, feed them and make them ready to fight for you. There are also fun events in the game like PVP battles, gold rush etc where you can participate. One important concept of the game is breeding monsters. Learn more about monster legends breeding guide here. There are many more things about the game which I shall tell you next week. For now, login to Facebook and join this awesome game.

Mob Wars

Mob Wars is a very old game and it still continues to employ hundreds of thousands of people in the game. It is like a tradition for some people and as you know these people also spend money on the game to keep it alive. I don’t play the game as often nowadays but back then I was crazy about the game. I still login sometimes to play and each time I login, I see something new. The developers have used their profits well to keep the game design fresh and alive. Did you know about all this? Go check out as soon as possible.

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a game which was built when Mob Wars had become very famous. Mafia wars was developed by a big company and they wanted to have a piece of this crazy also. Mafia Wars surprisingly came after Mob and has more players. Check out this game also if you are interested in Mob.

There are many more games we are going to discuss about in coming future.