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Have you given a thought that how times have changed since your childhood days? Back in those days, we used to play games in real world with our friends face to face. Everyday in the evening, we will go out to play some sport game. Nowadays playing a game is no longer that much effort. We used to play different types of games everyday, and that required real effort. Now we just buy off a game or download and app and bam, playing. Let’s look at different platforms we play games these days:

Computer: One of the most widely used platform for gaming is Home PC. The reason it is most widely used because almost everyone has a home PC and so all we have to do is to install the game and start playing. If the game is free to play, we may even just download the game and start playing as soon as possible. PC gaming has really changed the way we play games.

Console Gaming: 2 decades back we got our first gaming console and today this industry has grown so much. Consoles are widely preferred as a gaming platform these days. Platforms like PlayStation and Xbox are the most famous ones and Nintendo Wii is not too far behind. These consoles also offer things like free psn cards to purchase your favourite games at very reasonable costs.

Smart Phone: The biggest revolution in the gaming industry has been the smartphones. Nobody saw that smartphones will come and take away the world in a hurry. The entire world is now using a smartphone and 75% of the people who has a smartphone plays some game on it. Afterall, how difficult is to take out your phone and start playing a game? The most important part of smart phone gaming is you can play anywhere anytime. The games are of few MBs and it can easily be downloaded and played. Even at the remotest of locations if you get a signal, you can connect to the internet and play. We believe smartphone is the best invention ever and they also support hd wallpapers best ones that you can download and install on your phone. We are currently using Best Background Wallpaper App on our android phone.

Real World Gaming: This is something we used to do back then and we still do. We play games in the real world with our friends. From catching the other guy to hide and seek to sports games like football, cricket, the real fun is only out there in the real world. No matter how easy technology makes it for you to play, the real fun is always out there in the open.

A Car Service By Triaxe Network

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Triaxe Network is proud to present you it’s new car for hire service. Triaxe Network has predominantly been in the services business and just yesterday we invested about a hundred thousand dollars to begin a small car for hire service here in New York. The rational behind beginning a car rental service here in New York is that, there is too much traffic and vehicles plying in this city. The amount of vehicles has sky rocketed in the last decade and now the problems is such that half the place we cannot find any parking area. Without proper parking areas, it becomes extremely difficult to drive your car around the city. That is why recently car rentals are on the rise. People are finding it very easy to hire a cab or hire a car with a driver and move around the city. That way they don’t have to take all the tension about looking for parking area, lining up behind multiple cars at the gas station. We keep tanks full when we visit a customer and give customers a relax free environment.

Our Limousine rental service has tied up with Limo NJ company and we are going to announce our partnership tomorrow. A limousine hiring service is definitely on the rise we feel. The benefits of calling a limo service is just too many for a city like New York. Whether you want to go to Airport, or you want to commute daily to your office or a Prom Night or a party or even to a friends house, just give us your address and destination and we will send you a limo. Whether you are 4, 6, 8 or 12 people, we have all types of cars for you. All you have to do is to just give us a call and we will be there waiting for you at your doorstep in no time. We have about 100 cars running around New York today and we intend to up the fleet to about 200 soon.

Limo NJ and Triaxe Network together have a motto – You sit and relax at the back seat, enjoy the cool AC air, may even sleep while we drive you around the city. We offer daily/weekly/monthly packages if you wish to use our service on a regular basis. In short, we have everything you need, all you have to do is to pledge to not take out your car any more. Just call us and we will take you anywhere you want.